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Ground Works - A New Way to Manage Flooding

Tony Alfano is Project Engineer for New Jersey and New York City for Ground Works Solutions. He has a Master's Degree in Engineering and a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from The George Warren School of Engineering at the University of New Mexico. He has been a professional engineer for over 30 years, serving as a mechanical engineering project engineer for Con Edison, American Society of Civil Engineers and New York City and is currently a private consultant. In his current role as an Engineer, Tony works as a consultant for a number of clients, most of which are involved with the engineering design and planning of large-scale projects including building complexes and commercial projects. As an Engineer, Tony provides a wide range of JMS Ground Servicesto these organizations.

When it comes to Ground Works, Tony states, "I'm a licensed professional engineer and project engineer with several years experience in engineering design and construction. I have managed numerous ground works projects as both an engineer and consultant and have successfully implemented a number of design strategies." According to Tony, "The primary objectives of the job are to create a building that will withstand nature and architectural constraints while meeting the needs of the client. I use the same skills that I employed in my previous consulting jobs to analyze the needs of each client and design a building program that meets the specifications of the client." He continues, "My job as a sales representative is to present the client with the best options available to them, based on the requirements of their particular project."

Tony also serves as a member of the board of directors of the American Society of Civil Engineers and serves on the steering committee of the National Structural Manufacturers Association. As a result, it is clear that Tony is a very knowledgeable and passionate professional in the world of engineering. It is also clear that Ground Works is something that he really loves to be a part of. We can infer that his passion for the project must have taken its toll on him because his enthusiasm has now left him as we have seen in the photos that are posted on the GWS website. Be sure to read more here!

One more ground works solutions involves the idea of a manhole in the backyard. In this particular case, the manhole would be located above a pool where a cold pool is stocked. There would also be a grill in place to warm up the pool water, as well as some built in lights, so the family or other group of people using the backyard can easily see each other. This idea is great if you have a large family because you will have enough room for everyone to stay warm.Know more about moving at

Now, let us move on to the project manager for this project. If you are a person who loves working outdoors, you are likely someone who enjoys doing something that involves going to the edge of nature. If you want to explore different ways of protecting your home against both nature and humans, then you might consider checking out what has been going on with the projects that the Gws in Tampa Bay have been undertaking. In case you didn't know, the GWS is a group of engineering consultants that are dedicated to finding innovative solutions for any landowner in the Tampa Bay area. Their latest innovation is a system that involves the installation of a manhole cover above a soil inflow.

So what does this all mean? For one, it means that your backyard will now be protected from the infiltration of insects like lady birds and beetles. It also means that the water coming into your property will now be regulated and directed where it is meant to go and won't end up being wasted. On top of that, the GWS has found that it is a lot cheaper to implement this manhole inflow system than digging a hole in the ground and installing a manhole. While the cost of installing the manhole covers was much higher than the inflow of soil that the manholes would have filled (since they need to be made out of concrete), the cost savings that the GWS has realized by implementing the inflow system means that they have saved a significant amount of money over the last couple of years.

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